Your voice – right now – can make a BIG difference. It’s easy to make it heard:

Find out where your member of Congress stands on H. Res 543. Go to the Roll Call section and see which side he or she is on. If you don’t know who your Member of Congress is, just go to  and type in your home zip code. It will tell you instantly who your Member of Congress is and provide you with a link to their website.
Call your member of Congress. There are two easy ways to contact your Member while he or she is in Washington:

Simply call the House of Representatives switch board at 202.224.3121 and ask for your Member of Congress; or 2) Call your Member of Congress directly through their website on
Call or visit your Member of Congress. Members of Congress need to hear from their constituents while they are home for the April recess [April 10th – 21st] Let them know that you support H. Res 543. Their district office information can also be found on
Start your own H. Res 543 Campaign! Click here to find out how you can let your Member know – while they're home for the April recess – that your community supports an open and honest debate on Iraq.
Find out more. You can find out more about this citizen campaign and on how to talk with your Member or with your family and friends about H. Res 543 and Iraq by visiting the Resources section. You can also get more information, including recent news article on Iraq and information about the Win Without War coalition, by going to
Tell your friends and family about the campaign and ask them to call or visit their Member of Congress. The more we do, the more likely we will get the debate on Iraq that all Americans deserve.
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After three years and the death of more than 2,300 American soldiers in Iraq, Congress has yet to consider, debate and vote on alternatives to the President's disastrous course. Alternatives to the Bush stay-the-course policy - including those favored by most of our soldiers stationed in Iraq - have been ignored, and Congressional leaders continue to refuse to allow a full and open debate where all options to the open-ended occupation of Iraq are considered and voted on.

Americans, including our soldiers stationed in Iraq, want the U.S. to change course and home cleanings. Iraqi citizens agree:

* 72% of U.S. soldiers in Iraq believe that they have done all they can militarily and that our troops should leave Iraq within a year, and more than one in four say troops should leave immediately.

* Two out of three Americans think that the administration is mismanaging the war in Iraq.

* A majority of Americans believe it is time to start bringing our troops home.

* Two-thirds of Iraqis oppose the presence of U.S. troops in Iraq.

Now, a bi-partisan group of Members of Congress and thousands of Americans across the country are demanding that the House of Representatives immediately begin a debate where ALL alternatives to the failed Bush policy in Iraq are considered and voted on.

With 218 signatures on a petition called House Resolution 543, regular business in the House of Representatives must stop and a 17 hour debate on the Iraq war must immediately begin. The debate will require that Congress consider and vote on all amendments offered as alternatives to the Bush administration's policies in Iraq.

Currently, 112 Members of Congress have signed the petition. With you help, we can reach 218 and force Congressional leaders to allow an open and honest debate and votes on the Iraq war. It's time.

JOIN the national movement to end the Congressional Rubber Stamp for the Bush war in Iraq! Call or visit your Member of Congress TODAY and ask him or her to pledge to sign H. Res 543. Click here to contact your Member now.